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Kenosha, WI 53140
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  Dusty & Megan 10/11/2018
Anayas was kind, courteous, understanding and helpful. The qualities needed for a shop.
  Margaret 09/29/2018
Outstanding customer service and skill set
  Ryan 09/06/2018
The Team at Anaya's is always professional, honest, the quality of the parts and service is high end. I have never climbed under my car after service to see off-brand or private label parts. Coming from the Automotive retail business of 18 years I've seen a lot of low quality parts and general lack of concern for the customers installed and dished out at local shops. Not here, even my last oil change was done with a premium WIX filter, gaskets are Fel-Pro, and suspension parts are MOOG. To follow the quality parts comes the outstanding customer service, they call for approval before doing anything, they always say thank you at the end of the call, and always portray that the customer comes first. Walk into their shop and you could probably eat off the floor. Yes it is that clean. I have never had to wipe grease off my steering wheel, or dirty finger prints off my doors after having them serviced. Don't believe me walk in and talk to them, look the the service bays, they are clean, tidy, and organized. No junk cars sitting in the lot, not used parts piling up outside. This is as professional, and customer friendly as you can get.
  Mike 05/17/2018
  Derek 04/05/2018
Everyone at Anaya's showed themselves friendly and very professional!!! Loved the customer service and my car was fixed in a timely manner as well. This is my go to place for my cars from here on out!!!
  Mike 03/15/2018
Mark is always extremely thorough in his explanation and the work is always done exactly as expected without the constant barrage of additional add-on work suggestions you get from the dealer. Very professional.
  Dawn 03/15/2018
Wonderful customer service. They are always honest about the repair work that needs to be done.
  Ron 02/01/2018
Wonderful personal experience. I'd recommend this place to any one.
  Leah 01/29/2018
Anaya's was so helpful and the best price I found in Kenosha. I wasn't sure exactly what was wrong with my car and they kept me informed during their diagnostic process and before they proceeded doing any work. Got my car back within a day of bringing it there. Super friendly staff that was genuine. Would definitely take my car there for any future needs!
  Mike 01/25/2018
Excellent service, have used them several times with great results every time. Mark is a great guy that always is very informative as to what they are doing, takes plenty of time to answer questions, and never pressures for additional work that is not needed (the dealer seems to constantly do that). The only gripe I have is that they don't schedule for mornings or afternoons, you have to drop off for the entire day, so if you plan on waiting, you might be waiting all day. It makes service there a bit inconvenient. But otherwise, good value for excellent work.
  Deanna 12/29/2017
Anaya,s auto has great service, communication with customers and comparable prices
  August 11/02/2017
We are from out of town. We had a massive brakeline failure on my truck. It was towed to Anaya's. They kept us informed of every step of the process and the price was very reasonable for the intensity of the repair job.
  Jude & Sophia 08/10/2017
Excellent service commitment. My experience with Anaya's services was always on-time , proper diagnosis, and fair pricing. They troubleshoot with great detail and found the rootcause properly. Highly experienced and skilled master tech and personnel. I have switched from going to the dealer and will go to Anaya's for all servicing needs on my two cars.
  Laurie 08/10/2017
I couldn't be more pleased with my service at Anaya's. The employees were very nice and courteous. Being without your car can be very stressful but they worked quickly to get my car right back to me. Laurie Lewis
  Mike And Taylor 08/03/2017
  Jeff 03/30/2017
Quality operation, professional team and world-class service!
  Carolyn 10/27/2018
  Shawna 09/07/2017
Got my car in for estimate for $65 and estimate cost of fix $740 for a radiator. Go the car towed for $66 and paid less than $500 from my mechanic. Felt like I was being taken advantage of
Shop Comment
Good Afternoon Shawna- I am reaching out to you because I am barely seeing a review that you left us for an inspection you had at our facility last month. I remember you personally since I was the one that took down your information and set you up. I knew you had some concerns and we did everything we could to get you in right away as I had promised you. I am sorry to hear you were unhappy with the quote we provided you after we inspected it. The service you wanted us to provide for you was an inspection of your concerns. Due to a leak you had present we recommended a radiator, radiator cap, thermostat and gasket. When you have a radiator replaced at our facility it comes with a lifetime warranty- in other words if you have issues again the part is covered for the full cost. That is something you should take into consideration when going anywhere- warranty coverage. The parts were half of the cost that we quoted you, the other portion was labor to do the job and of course 5.5% taxes. For your specific vehicle a radiator replacement is a 3 hour job. I apologize if we did not go over the warranty properly with you and I am sorry you were unhappy with the price we quoted you but please, rest assured, I confirmed those numbers for your vehicle and you were quoted properly. I am glad you were able to get your repair taken care of although I am sad to hear that it even crossed your mind that you could have been taken advantage of. We do our best to provide the best customer service, a thorough inspection on all vehicles that come in, we pride ourselves in the quality of parts we use and in the warranty we provide. My apologies again if something was not explained properly. I hope in the future you will give us another opportunity. Thank you. Monica Anaya
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